The Proraso brand provides excellent shaving products since 1948. Proraso has modernised shaving with its new line of products including the pre-shave cream. Over the years, it has become more than just a shaving brand icon. Today, Proraso is a world renowned name in overall beard and moustache care.

Popular Proraso Shaving Products

  • Proraso shaving cream
  • Proraso aftershave
  • Proraso beard oil
  • Proraso pre-shave cream

The Proraso preshave cream helps soften the scruff and ensures that the razor glides flawlessly on the skin during shaving. It helps lessen irritation and offers a layer of protection between the skin and the razor blade.

Proraso shaving creams are formulated to make shaving a breeze. They come in different colours or formulation for different types of skin and beard. Depending on the colour or formulation, the shaving cream provides cleansing and toning effect, protective and moisturising effect, exfoliating and nourishing effect, and skin redness reducing effect.

Proraso aftershave products are designed to help reduce irritation that may have been caused by shaving. They cool and tone the skin after shaving. They help seal up your pores to ensure that the skin is protected from entry of dirt or bacteria. As with the shaving creams, there is a Proraso aftershave product that will suit your skin type.

More than shaving products, Proraso also offers other beard products such as the Proraso Beard Oil. It helps tame, smooth, moisturise, and condition beard hair. It’s the go-to product for long lasting soft and shiny beard!