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Proraso Military Brush Wooden Handle - Ref 400256

Proraso Military Brush Wooden Handle - Ref 400256

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The Proraso Military Brush with a wooden handle is the beard brush you’ll want with you at all times. It has 2 cm long nylon and natural boar bristles, meaning they’re high quality but still feel good on your face. The classic Proraso logo is etched into the handle, showing the world that you value high quality goods. The brush itself is roughly 11.5 cm by 6 cm, so it’s a good size for holding and working with. It’s ideal for grooming beards, hair, and moustaches. It’ll simulate your skin while doing its job on your beard. By brushing you will be distributing natural oils and adding shine to your beard. It’ll also free up any loose hairs you have and removes dead skin. As you know, the Proraso name stands for decades of high quality and integrity, so you know it’s good. Add some Italian tradition to your beard care.

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