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Proraso Beard Wash Cypress Vetiver 200ml - Ref 400752

Proraso Beard Wash Cypress Vetiver 200ml - Ref 400752

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Proraso has been the top name in Italy for men’s shaving and grooming products since 1948. This beard wash is part of their new Single Blade collection: a professional line based on natural ingredients, technically perfect textures, proven formulas, and exclusive fragrances.. It’s a low foaming, gentle cleanser for your beard that’s effective in getting you clean and feeling refreshed. Leaves you feeling soft, smooth, and with a conditioned beard, all while removing dirt and daily grime. All of this plus the scent of cypress, bergamot, amber, cedar, and vetiver. Don’t worry, though: it’s just enough but not enough to overpower. Just dampen your beard with warm water and massage the beard wash through, rinsing after. Not all beard washes are the same. Don’t go for some nouveau hipster wash. Proraso has been around a long time and for good reason. Pick some up today.  

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