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Proraso Moustache Brush And Comb Set - Ref 400258

Proraso Moustache Brush And Comb Set - Ref 400258

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You know Proraso as having the highest quality in men’s toiletries. They’ve been the top name in Italy for men’s shaving and grooming products since 1948. Get yourself their Moustache Brush and Comb set and tame any facial hair that comes your way. This pair is designed to care for any moustache or beard problem you may encounter. Both are 112 mm long with a 45 mm usable head. The bristles are nylon and wild boar and the handles are plastic. Like everything from Proraso, they are of very high quality and dependable after lots of use. Having these sitting on your counter will say to the world: you care about the finer things. You’re in good hands. You need to have a good moustache brush and comb at hand, whether for grooming customers or yourself. Why not get yourself the best?

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