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Wahl Scissor Pouch

Wahl Scissor Pouch

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How are you currently carrying around your scissors? You might keep them in a safe case, but if you’re working between multiple tools and want to be able to access them easily, they’re probably just resting in an apron pocket. As one of your most important tools as a hair or grooming professional, they deserve better. This Scissor pouch from Wahl is designed to keep your scissors at hand and safe. No more holes poking through your pockets. The reinforced design means the point is covered and won’t do any damage, nor get slowly dulled over time. The Wahl logo is prominently displayed so you can show the world that you value high quality products and that your tools are important to you. Like everything from Wahl, it’s backed by one hundred years of quality and integrity. Get a Wahl scissor pouch and show that you’re a professional.

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