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This product is now discontinued.

Wahl Barber Combo

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Wahl Barber Combo SKU:
Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Black and Gold 'Limited Edition' 542-019
Wahl Balding 5 Star Clipper 542-011
Wahl Vanish Lithium-Ion Shaver 542-0107
Wahl Beret Trimmer Pro Lithium Brushed Aluminium 542-016
Wahl 5 Star Barber Hair Dryer 542-056
Wahl Black & Gold Case 542-764
Wahl Fade Brush 542-255
Wahl Knuckle Brush 542-260
Wahl Barber Neck Duster 542-261
Wahl Round Barber Brush 542-259
Wahl Vent Brush 542-258
Wahl Premium Scissors 6.0" 542-368
Wahl Cape 542-107
Wahl Speed Comb 542-303
Wahl Blade Oil  542-155
Wahl Sectioning Hair Grips 542-270
Wahl Black Folding Razor 542-411
Wahl Traditional Shave Cream 200g 542-163
Wahl Traditional Bay Rum 250ml 542-157MD         

*Note: Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Black and Gold 'Limited Edition' supplied in padded bag.


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