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Vines Vintage

Vintage Vines Eclipsol Plain Treatment 200ml

Vintage Vines Eclipsol Plain Treatment 200ml

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There’s nothing new about having an itchy scalp. For as long as mankind has had hair (which is since the beginning), we’ve had dry, itchy flakes that have driven us crazy. For decades, Vintage Vines has offered their Eclipsol Plain Treatment to alleviate the discomfort of an itchy scalp. It’s a legendary oil scalp treatment that conditions, heals, and helps style the hair. Its anti dandruff ingredients soothes the scalp for long lasting treatment. It contains natural ingredients like willow bark, white nettle, and black mulberry, all to help you feel your best. Vines Vintage has been around since 1937, so you know this isn’t some new upstart hipster hair treatment. This is the same treatment used for generations, which means it works. You’re going to love how it feels on your scalp and how good it’ll make you look. Why suffer when the cure for what ails you has been around for ages?

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