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Marvy Barbers Pole Model 55 Twin Light

Marvy Barbers Pole Model 55 Twin Light

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The barbers pole has long been at the forefront of barbering, being the traditional emblem of the tonsorial art that has existed for eons. Back in the day, barbers were not only performing treatments of the haircutting or shaving variety, but also medical procedures such as bloodletting, dentistry and amputations.

To this day, the barbers pole reflects the history of the craft with the red and white stripes signifying an era where the bloodied bandage was wrapped around the pole to dry in the sun. The blue stripe represents bone.

It has not just been barbers that used the pole however, with lighthouses having used barbers poles as a navigational aid for vessels. In Korea, brothels under the guise of barber shops, have a barbers pole out the front with services of a very different nature within.

In 1950, William Marvy started production of the now famous Marvy poles. They are manufactured to a very high quality and are tested to exacting standards. Every Marvy pole sold by Barberco is electrically tested prior to despatch to ensure quality and performance. They are available in a twin light option(light on the top and light through the centre) or a single light option. Although more expensive, we recommend the twin light option as it creates more light and will catch the eye of your customer more than the single light option. If your shop is inside a shopping centre, the single and less intrusive light option may be a better choice.

To discuss our barbers poles and to find out about availability and freight costs call 1300 794 088 or contact us.

Height 35"

Width 9"

Length of Glass 16"

Distance from Wall 11"

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