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Marvis Tooth Brush Medium Bristle Black - Ref 411067

Marvis Tooth Brush Medium Bristle Black - Ref 411067

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Colour Black

It’s possible to spruce up your bathroom tools. Wouldn’t it be nice to be inspired when you go to brush your teeth? This Marvis toothbrush is a handsome addition to any bathroom or toiletry kit. Originating in Florence, Italy, Marvis has been making toothpaste for years in a variety of flavors. Now enjoy their modern contribution to the toothbrush. It has a stylish black handle with a plastic cap for the head. The bristles are a medium bristle, but still soft enough to not cause stress on your teeth and gums, but strong enough to get the job done. Aesthetically, the packaging is beautiful, giving a nice flair to your bathroom or toiletry kit. Pair it with Marvis toothpaste and you’ll be all set to face the day. Bring a bit of class and old world charm to your dental routine. Pick up a Marvis brush and live la dolce vita.

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