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Marvis Mouthwash 30ml - Ref 411056

Marvis Mouthwash 30ml - Ref 411056

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It’s time to upgrade your toiletries. The standard green mouthwash from the chain drugstore down the street won’t cut it any more. Introduce Marvis Mouthwash to your mouth and your morning routine. It’s a concentrated mouthwash that energizes and cleans your mouth with a cool and sparking peppermint taste that doesn’t overwhelm. It feels good and is good for your teeth and gums. Marvis Mouthwash is alcohol free and contains a number of natural extracts, like xylitol and propolis which helps fight plaque. Originating in Florence, Italy, Marvis has been making toothpaste for years in a variety of flavors. Their mouthwash continues the tradition of fine dental goods. Just add one part mouthwash to four parts of water and you’re set. Aesthetically, the packaging is beautiful, giving a nice flair to your bathroom or toiletry kit. Bring a bit of class and old world charm to your dental routine. Pick up a bottle of Marvis Mouthwash and live la dolce vita. 

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