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Luxina Shaving Soap Tube-150ml

Luxina Shaving Soap Tube-150ml

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The right shaving soap will make daily shaving an enjoyable, pleasurable, and accurate thing. You want something that helps you get a close shave with minimal fuss while not wrecking your face in the process. It’s a hard balance to find. Luxina has you covered. This Luxina Shaving Soap tube is just the luxury your face demands. It contains menthol and eucalyptus oil which is perfect for making your face ready to be shaved while keeping it healthy in the long term. It’s a soft cream with nothing harsh added. The natural ingredients make sure no chemicals or additives take their toll on your skin. The tube makes for a convenient dispenser, with no more cakey mess from bars of shaving soap. You trust the Luxina name to mean high quality that’s safe and good for you. Treat your face right with the Luxina Shaving soap in a tube. 

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