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Krest Black Flattoppers Blister

Krest Black Flattoppers Blister

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Combs are much more than the fifty cent afterthoughts you pick up while checking out at the drug store. Do you really want to grab a comb from a glass jar on a counter? Today, combs are higher quality and worth holding onto. Krest’s Flattoppers Blister comb is one such keeper. This high quality comb is made from heavy duty materials and top notch workmanship.


You can use them for any styling task: cutting, coloring, what have you. Even combing hair. It’s also available in black or white. Your Krest comb is one you’ll want to keep an eye on, as someone else is going to want to grab it. Krest is the leading name in high quality with a history of comb manufacturing going back to 1958. It’s the name you recognize from any reputable salon. Don’t drop pocket change on a cheap, disposable piece of plastic. Go for Krest.

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