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Immortal Leavein Spray Mystic River 350ml

Immortal Leavein Spray Mystic River 350ml

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This product is now discontinued.

Want deeply nourished, soft and frizz free hair? Want an instant hair detangler? Our Bi-Phase Mystic River leave in treatment spray leaves hair feeling stronger, smoother and more radiant.  Transforms unmanageable hair or beard instantly.

This unisex product conditions the hair and beard leaving it felling moisturized and shiny. 

This 2 Phase Conditioner is suitable for all kinds of hair, ideal for day-to-day or use in the salon. The dragon’s blood ingredients are derived from Peruvian trees also known as croton lechleri. It's formula has been specially designed to treat all hair, nourishing and restructuring it both inside and out, detangling, hydrating, protecting and nourishing the entire hair fibre.

How To Use:

  • Shake the product until the two phases are mixed with each other.
  • Apply on the lengths and ends of wet or dry hair and beard. Do not rinse.
  • Use before or after washing, shake well and spray evenly over lengths and ends of hair or beard.
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