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Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Set Wood Handle With Wood Stand

Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Set Wood Handle With Wood Stand

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Feather is one of the world’s leading providers of safety razors, straight razors and high quality shaving blades. The blades are made in Japan using high quality stainless steel with a platinum coat. They are cut with precision machinery and exported across the world for barbers’ use, as well as medical, surgical and pathological uses.

Feather razors are often said to be as being ‘sharp as Ninja assassins.’ This extra sharpness makes for an incredibly close shave on even the toughest beards. They are made for high quality razors and are especially effective when used with a pre-shave oil and paired with a high end soap or cream applied with a brush.

This is probably the finest looking double edge safety razor ever made.

Made in Japan to the highest possible standards the Feather WS-D1S is the ultimate safety razor. It is crafted from high grade stainless steel and dark hardwood to exceptionally high engineering tolerances. The handle is contoured to deliver a firm grip when you wet shave, the handle is longer than previous Feather DE razors at 100mm. Both ends of the handle are knurled. The head of the razor features a black coloured base plate which benefits from a high-tech graphite baking process while the face of the head has the Feather logo etch washed onto it with the words ‘wood handle stainless steel double edge razor’.

Supplied with packs of 2 blades in Gift Box.

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