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Comoy Jo-02 Std Shaving Mugno 2 With Decal

Comoy Jo-02 Std Shaving Mugno 2 With Decal

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Colour White

The Comoy Shaving mug with decal is a classic little shaving mug and the perfect item to add to your shaving repertoire either at home or at the barbershop. Place your shaving brush in the spout of the mug and allow it to soak in hot water. Then, combined with your Comoy Shaving soap sitting on the 9 hole drain, create a creamy lather and enjoy a luxurious and refreshing shave.

It's a classic-looking shaving mug that has a simple brown decal design on it - nothing too fancy, but fancy enough as to not be plain. If your barbershop goes for a classic feel, this is the right shaving mug for you.

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