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Caliber Rpg Shaver

Caliber Rpg Shaver

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Type Cordless
Warranty 1 year
  • Top-Shelf Products Delivered
  • Widest Range of Barber Tools
  • Customer Care Since 2013


  • Staggered shaver head blades for an ultra-smooth shave

  • USB charging capability

  • Hypoallergenic foil to help prevent irritation

  • Lithium-ion battery and motor delivers maximum power

  • Up to 90 minutes run time on a single charge

  • Light, powerful and quite rotary shaver

  • Charger light indicator

  • Pop up trimmer for sideburns and edges

  • Includes: USB charger with adaptor, foil guard and cleaning brush.


Reviews on the Caliber brand overall:

Overall I like a lot of aspects of these clippers and trimmers and love a few specific aspects as well.

I like that all of them have the same USB to charging port as this is super handy when multiple chargers are needed and limited power outlets are available. This also helps as a lot of power points are including USB ports as well. I don’t personally do a lot of travel however if a barber needed to charge in the car they could.

The power buttons are super slick, no parts are obtrusive and the design is very sleek and professional looking. I have had customer comments made about them as well.

All clippers and trimmers have almost no vibration which is extremely comfortable when using them.

Battery life on all the magnetic engine products is amazing.

The noise is minimal and for barbers that is awesome as it isn’t annoying to the customer and conversations are clear. I have had multiple customers comment on how they like them. This works especially well with children and toddlers who can get scared and agitated with loud noises.

The docks are great and useful however I think that they need a bit more weight in them to help the clippers feel stable in them.

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