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Caliber .22 Stinger Trimmer

Caliber .22 Stinger Trimmer

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Type Cordless
RPM 10000
Warranty 1 year
  • Top-Shelf Products Delivered
  • Widest Range of Barber Tools
  • Customer Care Since 2013


 Superior Japanese Precision Linear Magnetic motor

  • Consistent and powerful motor with 10,000 RPM

  • Low noise and less vibration technology

440C Japanese Steel DLC Coated Blades

  • The first factory modified DLC (Diamond like carbon) coated blades

  • Stay cooler, last longer and rust free

  • Easy to be zero gapped

  • Precise cut ideal for lineups and edging

Pro Lithium Ion Battery

  • 1500 MAH ICR lithium ion battery

  • Technology that protects over charging and overusing

  • Cordless technology

  • 120+ minutes of power


Expert Review by the one and only Christian Fritze! - @christianfritze_

At first while I was using them fresh out of the box I found that they weren’t quite hitting line ups and edging haircuts and taking fades close very well, I oiled and used them for a day like this before zero gapping them. I only needed to move the blade a touch tho.

After this I found them hitting lines super crisp. 

I did some track work and they are amazing. They take fades super close and work hand in hand with the .50 Cal Magnum clippers.

The battery life on these is unreal, most websites say 120 minutes use but I found these last a lot longer.

What I’m not a fan of is the teeth are super tight, while this creates crisp lines and edges I can’t and don’t use these to remove bulk, which is a shame as the magnetic motor is super powerful and seems a waste to not be able to remove bulk.

The stand is the best of all of them in my opinion as it is the heaviest. 


Reviews on the Caliber brand overall:

Overall I like a lot of aspects of these clippers and trimmers and love a few specific aspects as well.

I like that all of them have the same USB to charging port as this is super handy when multiple chargers are needed and limited power outlets are available. This also helps as a lot of power points are including USB ports as well. I don’t personally do a lot of travel however if a barber needed to charge in the car they could.

The power buttons are super slick, no parts are obtrusive and the design is very sleek and professional looking. I have had customer comments made about them as well.

All clippers and trimmers have almost no vibration which is extremely comfortable when using them.

Battery life on all the magnetic engine products is amazing.

The noise is minimal and for barbers that is awesome as it isn’t annoying to the customer and conversations are clear. I have had multiple customers comment on how they like them. This works especially well with children and toddlers who can get scared and agitated with loud noises.

The docks are great and useful however I think that they need a bit more weight in them to help the clippers feel stable in them.

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