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Blade Care Plus Spray 473ml

Blade Care Plus Spray 473ml

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You may think a stream of water or a blast of compressed air is the best way to clean out your clipper and its parts, but science has devised something better. The Andis Blade Care Plus spray is science’s answer to your clipper cleaning needs. This is a seven in one, vitamin E enriched magic solution for your Andis clippers and trimmers. It cools when things overheat. It deodorizes to get rid of the worst smells. It lubricates when things are getting gummed up. It cleans because everything gets dirty. It prevents rust. And on top of all that, it’s enriched with vitamin E as part of its human and animal eco-safe formula. The convenient spray can get rid of any hair, organic buildup, or other hair and person related debris. And the 16 ounce bottle is the perfect size for carrying around. Science is a wonderful thing. Get its latest creation to make your life better. 

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