Travel Grooming Essentials For Your Next Trip

Travel Grooming Essentials For Your Next Trip

Getting on the road unprepared can be very inconvenient. This is particularly true if you have not prepared your grooming essentials and you have to travel for days. You end up not looking your best on your trip.

While most men would simply pack at the last minute, it is no doubt that it does pay off to prepare your things well beforehand to ensure that you have everything you need for your travel. Whether you are travelling for business or for leisure, it pays off to look your best at all times. This is the reason why you should always consider bringing a travel grooming kit on your trip.

So what goes inside your travel grooming kit? Here are the travel grooming essentials that you need:


Don’t get caught with hair that looks like you have been through a sand storm on your trip. Keep your crowning glory in tip top shape with a comb. A small pocket comb will definitely fit in your travel grooming kit.

Here are some combs to consider:

Shaving Kit

It is always a good idea to take a shaving kit with you when you travel especially if you are travelling for a few days. Within just 2 days, facial hair can already be growing. When you have a shaving kit with you, it’s easy to keep your face perfectly groomed during your entire trip.

A travel shaving kit basically contains a pre shave cream, shaving cream, after shave cream or balm, and a shaving brush. Some kits may contain more such as an after shave lotion or pre and after shave oil or moisturising cream.

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Bring an extra razor with you. For that last minute shaving, it pays off to have an easy to use razor at hand. Make sure that you bring a razor that you can use comfortably. Remember that different kinds of razors require different kinds of handling skills to be able to achieve the perfect shave that you want.

Here are some of our bestselling razors:

Face Grooming Essentials

It doesn’t mean that just because you are travelling, you have to leave your skincare routine at home already. Of course not! You can take care of your skin even during your travel. In fact, it is when you need to really do your skincare routine. Travelling can expose your face to several factors that can cause dirt build up on the skin. The face grooming essentials include a good facial wash, facial scrub, and facial balm.

Some of our face grooming essentials are:

Body Wash

Keep your body feeling clean and refreshed all throughout your travel. Make sure you include a travel size body wash on your travel kit. It’s good to get a body wash that has deodorant effect so you don’t have to bring a separate deodorant for your trip. There are also some body wash that can be used as shampoo and conditioner. It’s all in one wash for your trip. If you choose this kind of body wash, you don’t have to bring extra items with you.

See our body wash products:

You can be perfectly groomed during your travel. Make sure you have a travel grooming kit on your bag!

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