How To Achieve The Perfect Shave

How To Achieve The Perfect Shave

26th Oct 2022

Achieving the perfect shave, while a no small feat, is possible. There are shaving products and techniques that you can use. Whether you are a new barber in the industry or a seasoned one, you can use these tips to ensure you achieve a perfect shave all the time.

Prepare the skin for shaving

You don’t just go and shave. There are preparations that should be done. First, the face must be washed with warm water. This will help open the pores and loosen the hair to be shaved. Doing this will also help prevent irritation or ingrown hairs after shaving. Preparing the skin this way also helps make shaving a breeze as the razor will be able to glide easily through the skin.

Another technique to prep the skin is to drape a hot towel on the face. You can use a small towel, soak it in hot water or room temp water then put on the microwave for about 15 seconds. Then put this hot towel over the face. The effect will be the same as washing the face with warm water.

Use a good shaving cream