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    It’s an iconic symbol of the barbershop: the cutthroat razor. It’s also the best way to deliver a clean, close shave. You want to make sure you have a cutthroat razor of the highest quality to work with. Turn to Wahl for your razor needs. It has an insert for single use blades, so it’s very easy to change out when you need to. The ergonomic design means it’s easy and pleasurable to use. Very easy to maneuver with confidence. Your customers will be pleased and feel safe when you manipulate this razor on their faces, knowing that they’re under the service of a high quality tool. It’s from Wahl so you know it’s backed by one hundred years of quality and tradition. Choose between a black or white handle depending on your aesthetics. Bring this icon to your barbershop and continue the barber tradition with Wahl.

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