Ultimate Barber Case - Wahl Legend Cordless

Ultimate Barber Case - Wahl Legend Cordless

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Ultimate Barber Case - Wahl Legend Cordless

Kit includes the following:

Ultimate Barber Case - Wahl Legend Cordless SKU:
Barberco Professional Travel Tool Case - White


Wahl Legend Cordless 542-0073
Wahl Detailer Li 542-0020
Wahl Finale Foil Shaver 542-014S
Better Barber Click & Clean Straight Razor Handle – White 126-3533
Better Barber Click & Clean Disposable Razors Heads - 80 pcs 126-3535
Proraso Shave Soap Mug Refresh Eucalypt 150ml 129-1521
BarberCo Shave Brush 126-256
BarberCo Adult Cape - Black & White 126-1001
BarberCo Super Cut J2-420 Scissors 126-3520
BarberCo Super Cut J2-420 Thinners 126-3521
Barberology Comb Set 162-025
Termix Professional Brush - Thermal Flat Small 105-443
Termix Professional Brush - 17mm 105-446
Water Spray Round 300ml-Grey 162-553
Clippercide Spray 425gm 350-210
Wahl Power Dry -  Black 542-052
Salon Smart Neck Strips 5 pk 162-851
Wahl Clipper Blade Oil 60ml 542-155
BarberCo Knuckle Fade Brush 126-254
Barberco Fades And Blades Cleaning Brush Black 126-277
Salon Smart Black Eva Foam Rectangular Mirror 162-604
Powder Puff Atomiser-Black 546-552
Immortal Infuse Talcum Powder 180G 232-160
White Ceramic Shaving Bowl 443-508
BarberCo Wooden Neck Duster Brown - Sml 126-253S

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