There are various benefits to using a straight razor, which is why the cut throat razor is still used in barbershops and at home today to give that perfect shave. ...

Cut throat razors are noted for giving a closer shave than safety razors, as well as preventing pimples and rashes caused by clogged pores.

Our range of razors, which includes a variety of stands, leather cases, safety razors, and cut throat razors, are a great way to round up your hair tool collection. Straight razors are also great gifts for guys when you don't know what else to get them.

Straight Razors, or aptly named 'Cut-Throats,' are beautiful devices that demand care and attention, whether you're taken by the charm of the traditional and considered process of a slow wet shave, the hands-on care of looking after a precious device, want the closest shave attainable, and/or enjoy the feeling of sharp metal against your face.

Nothing beats our expert barbers' time-honored, traditional methods when it comes to shaving. Barberco delivers an expert range of safety razors and cutthroat razors well-equipped to provide a smooth, even shave. Explore our excellent selection of razors and choose from the best brands in the industry.