The Best Hair Trimmers Of 2023

The Best Hair Trimmers Of 2023

Hair trimmers are a man's best friend. Quite literally. Even after spending $$ at salons, we still have to spend certain hours doing touch ups ourselves right from the comfort of home. With so many options in the market, it can become quite hard to understand just which device is made for you. Here we have rounded up expert favourite hair and beard trimmers of 2023 for you to choose from.

1. BabylissPRO Gold FX Outliner Skeleton Trimmer

The BabylissPRO Gold FX Outliner Skeleton Trimmer has a brushless motor which is much more power efficient than other trimmers in the market. The motor engineered by some of the finest engineers of Ferrari gives 720 rpm, putting the engine above many competitors. The blade is well designed allowing for precision trimming and styling of the hair. The BabylissPRO Gold FX Outliner Skeleton Trimmer has a heavy premium feel which makes long term usage enjoyable and comfortable. The blades are adjustable without having to take the screws all the way out. This trimer is great for tiny details especially around the ears and for custom designs. The trimmer is so seamless that force is not required even for thick hair.



2. Caliber .38 Super Trimmer

The .38 Super Trimmer from Caliber is great for lining, skinning out and even balding. This trimmer does not miss a beat even when dealing with thick hair texture. The Caliber .38 Super Trimmer is not too light and not too heavy either, making the ergonomics on point. This trimmer is specifically great for kids as it has a small narrow design. The blades are not too sharp, which then again is perfect for use on children. The Caliber .38 Super trimmer is quiet and has a fair battery life that will last a long time for detailing.



3. Caliber .22 Stinger Trimmer

The Caliber.22 Stinger Trimmer is pretty slim and has a great, compact build. The design of the trimmer is different when compared to its predecessors. The blades on this trimmer are exposed which allows more precision when doing tiny details. The Caliber .22 Stinger Trimmer comes with 2 different colored plates for customization. The colors include: gold, silver and matte black. Changing the covers of the trimmer is pretty easy and requires no effort. The trimmer houses a magnetic motor as opposed to most other trimmers that have a rotary motor. The trimmer also comes with a USB charging cable on top of the usual charging dock to provide more charging options, especially if you are on the go.



4. Wahl Beret Brushed Aluminium

The Wahl Beret Brushed Aluminium Trimmer is easy to hold due to its lightweight design. The trimmer has a much slower discharge time making it your go to option, especially if you are travelling or are one of those who forget to put their devices on charge. The Wahl Beret Brushed Aluminium Trimmer has blades kept quite close together, despite not being zero gapped, which allows a very sharp line for edging around the ear, necklines and beards.




5. Wahl Detailer Li

Wahl Detailer Li is a commercial grade line product from the 5 star series. The trimmer, like its predecessor, is just as powerful, in fact the motor is faster than ever before. This trimmer specifically is best for professional use and delivers the sharp cut that customers expect. The Wahl Detailer Li has a sharp blade to get the perfect lining on all hair types. The blade is wide for fine line trimming and minute details. Comes with a charging stand that is premium in feel, unlike other charging stands.

6. Gamma + X-Evo Trimmer

The Gamma + X-Evo Trimmer is perfectly designed to be balanced in your hand for an ergonomic fit. The new trimmer line from Gamma + has a matte finish as opposed to a shiny finish that they previously had. It still comes with interchangeable body kits in gold, silver and rose gold colors for any customization you might want to add to your trimmer. The Trimmer has a performance microchip magnetic motor that makes it more powerful than ever before. This trimmer runs at an astonishing 10,000 SPM! And if you’ve been eyeing the Ultimate blade, then you’re just in luck as the Gamma + X-Evo Trimmer comes with an Ultimate blade and a standard gamma blade.



7. Andis T-Outliner GTX EXO

The Andis T-Outliner GTX EXO is a pricey but equally beautiful and detail oriented trimmer. The Andis T-Outliner GTX EXO has a beautiful design with an intuitive shape that allows you greater visibility as you go. The shape allows you to be more precise while trimming, lining or even styling. The body comes with a blue LED indicator for battery life. The Andis T-Outliner GTX EXO has a strong rotary motor that gives 7200 SPM and works great for all hair types. The battery on this trimmer is just as strong as well. It powers through 100 minutes on a single full charge. Andis T-Outliner GTX EXO has a GTX-Z blade which is a closer blade and wouldn't require to be zero gapped.



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8. Andis Slimline Pro Li Trimmer Brushed Aluminium

The Andis Slimline Pro Li Trimmer Brushed Aluminium has a slim body design which fits in hands perfectly. Owing to its design, this clipper gives a lot of freedom and ease in manouvering while doing haircuts. The trimmer is best for necklines and small detailing however barbers around the world have tested it for much bigger tasks and it did not fail. The Andis Slimline Pro Li Trimmer Brushed Aluminium gives 2 hours run time on a single charge. The box comes with oil, guards and a duster to keep the Andis Slimline Pro Li Trimmer Brushed Aluminium in top notch condition even after several uses. The blade on the Andis Slimline Pro Li Trimmer Brushed Aluminium is very powerful but needs to be zero gapped for that perfect finish. 



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