Product Highlight - Babyliss Close Cut Gold Shaver - BarberCo

Product Highlight - Babyliss Close Cut Gold Shaver - BarberCo

If you are looking for the ultimate shaving tool, to clean up the hair that a trimmer leaves behind, then we strongly urge for you to try the BabylissPro Foil FX02. An all metal, professional heavy duty shaver, designed to give the closest shave.

The shaver features a hypoallergenic, double foil system to reduce skin irritation when it cuts through your hair. It comes with a powerful rotary motor to deliver high performance, when giving a close cut. And with all that power the shaver can give a sustained performance. With a charge of 3 hours, you can have a whopping 180 minutes of cordless freedom.

Above everything is the design. The shaver has a sleek all-metal housing with a metallic finish - available in gold and silver.

We are listing down all the features of Babyliss Gold Shaver below:

  • Precision fading and blending
  • High power for close-cut performance
  • Hypoallergenic gold foils
  • Cord/cordless performance
  • 3 hour charge time for 180 minutes use
  • All-metal housing design with glossy finish
  • Charging indicator
  • 3 metre power cord
  • Cleaning brush
  • Storage pouch
  • Two year warranty

Babyliss has always gone above and beyond when they introduce their products - and the Foil FX02 is no exception. The power with the sleek and stylish design, truly something everyone can appreciate having. We reckon the shaver should definitely make a part of your shaving kit.

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