How to cut hair at home during lockdown - A DIY Guide by Barberco

How to cut hair at home during lockdown - A DIY Guide by Barberco

You have been stuck at home for a few months, and with us easing our way out of the lockdown, there is still a slim chance of you going to see your barber. Maybe all the solitary confinement you had been through has you feeling low and isolated. Well, it is time to freshen up the look and change your mindset.

Folks at home, drastic times, call for drastic hair-measures!

What will you need?

  • For this job, you will need the following tools:
  • A handheld mirror to see the back of your head
  • Sharp pair of scissors
  • A styling comb
  • Sectioning clips (optional)
  • The ol' faithful - your trusted clipper set.

If you have something missing, why not visit our store and complete your kit.

Here is the BarberCo tutorial on how to cut hair at home during the lockdown.

You can follow through our steps, one by one. They are not complicated or difficult, just require some time and patience. We, your friends at BarberCo, think this is the best time to test out a new skill and see if you have the touch.

And it is ok if you jack it up - not like you will be going out soon.

Step 1 - Wet your hair

Thoroughly wash your hair from the sides and the back. Towel dry them afterwards. This will dampen your hair and make it softer and easier to cut.

Step 2 - Partitioning your hair

Get the majority of your hair up and away from the sides. Find the parting and get the hair out of your face. If you have some sectioning clips available, use them to hold the hair in place. Remember to repeat on both sides before you start. It will help you get a clean cut.

Step 3 - Setting the sides and back

Most hair clippers come with attachments and also micro variations. You can use them to adjust the length to which you want your haircut and get a fade. An essential of cutting hair at home with clippers.

Start from the side, from the temple, go up and fade out. Easy as pie - up and out. After you are done from the sides, grab your handheld mirror and move to the back.

This will be a little harder to cut if you are not used to it. And if it is your first try, chances are, you might mess it up. But it is ok. We are all indoors, and soon, they will grow back.

For a fade, use the variations from your clipper to adjust and add a fade. Before you start the top - clean out the sides of your ear and behind the neck.

This might be a little tricky to do, and we do recommend getting someone to do it for you; however, if you really are alone, then give it a try.

Just remember to take it slow. Slow and steady is the name of the game.

Step 4 - Now the top

Grab a section of your hair, a small section and pull it up with your fingers. And just knock the ends off. Little by little. You can use your scissors or even your trimmer.

And then, grab the hair from the next section and knock off the tips from there. A little goes a long way.

Move from section to section and knock off the tips all the way to the back of your head. This is how to cut hair at home in layers.

If you think you need to get the top shorter, give it another try. Just knock off the tip and move section by section.

Last step - Clean up and styling

After you are done with the cut, clean up the hair from your self and take a shower to wash away all the hair. Get your hair dried out and use the products you have to style your hair - just like you usually do.

And BOOM! Look at you all tidied up!

We know it will not be the same as the cut you get from your barber - but here is the deal...

Even Though these times are weird, we want you to have control. You can still be groomed and look good - and maintain your routine. We believe that if you do the things you are used to doing, you will be able to stay in a positive mindset. 

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