How To Achieve The Perfect Shave

How To Achieve The Perfect Shave

Achieving the perfect shave, while a no small feat, is possible. There are shaving products and techniques that you can use. Whether you are a new barber in the industry or a seasoned one, you can use these tips to ensure you achieve a perfect shave all the time.

Prepare the skin for shaving

You don’t just go and shave. There are preparations that should be done. First, the face must be washed with warm water. This will help open the pores and loosen the hair to be shaved. Doing this will also help prevent irritation or ingrown hairs after shaving. Preparing the skin this way also helps make shaving a breeze as the razor will be able to glide easily through the skin.

Another technique to prep the skin is to drape a hot towel on the face. You can use a small towel, soak it in hot water or room temp water then put on the microwave for about 15 seconds. Then put this hot towel over the face. The effect will be the same as washing the face with warm water.

Use a good shaving cream


A dry shave is never a good idea. Aside from the fact that it hurts to shave without a shaving cream, doing so can also result to skin irritation and higher risk of having ingrown hairs. The skin on the face is soft and could easily get irritated by the strokes of a razor.

When using a shaving cream, look for something that is rich and moisturising. Apply the shaving cream in an upward circular motion to create a lather. This allows you to lift the hairs up so the razor can easily get them when you start to shave. It is also a good idea to use a shaving brush when applying a shaving cream. A shaving brush is great in lifting hair as if it’s standing straight up.

A good technique to remember when using shaving cream is to apply the cream twice if you are doing a second pass of shaving and intends to go against the grain.

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Shave with the grain

Most barbers go with the grain when shaving. This is to avoid any skin irritation and prevent having ingrown hairs. This can also help prevent cuts. If you want to shave against the grain, do it on the second pass but never on the first one. Make sure that the first one go with the grain.

It is advisable to let the client grow the hair at least 2 days so you can see the hair growth pattern. This way, you will be able to determine the right direction of the razor when shaving.

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Always use the right razor


One razor may seem to do-it-all in terms of shaving but the truth is that there are actually many different kinds of razors that you can choose from. Choosing the right razor will depend on your expertise, purpose, and budget.

The most commonly used razors are the cartridge ones. Cartridge razors are the go-to for an instant shave. It can be used even on coarse hair. They are relatively easy to use. This kind of razors should have their blades changed regularly to prevent bacteria build up.

Another choice is the double edge razor. This is the kind of razor to use if you want to achieve a closer shave. There is a technique in using a double edge razor. You have to master the right angle and the right amount of pressure applied on the blade to the skin to be able to achieve a perfect shave using this kind of razor.

Yet another option is the straight or single blade razor. This kind of razor is commonly used by professional barbers. It takes practice to be able to master the use of a straight razor. In the hands of a novice, it may be hard to achieve the shave that you want using a straight razor.

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Use an after shave

Some skip the post shave routine. You should not! A shave is not completely done until the post shave routine is done. After shaving, you need to keep the skin hydrated and protected. There are many after shave products that you can use for post shave treatments.

Most barbers rinse the face with cold water after shaving. This way, the pores are closed and it promotes slow blood flow to the skin’s surface. Instead of rinsing, you can also choose to drape a cold towel over the face. It has the same effect as rinsing the face with cold water.

It is highly recommended to use an after shave balm, after shave lotion, or an after shave moisturiser to soothe the skin and make it feel more refreshed. Make sure that the after shave product do not contain alcohol to avoid drying out the skin. A dry skin after shaving can cause irritations, bumps, and even ingrown hairs.

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