Gamma+ Clipper Blade Guide

Gamma+ Clipper Blade Guide

Gamma+ Clipper Blades Available at BarberCo

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Over time and with constant use, clipper blades can become less effective. If this happens, then you have to replace your clipper blades.

The Tell Tale Signs To Replace Your Gamma+ Clipper Blades

So how do you know if you already need to replace the clipper blades? Here are the tell tale signs:

  • The clipper blades have become dull. Your client wouldn’t want to have their hair pulled as you cut their hair. A dull blade will definitely pull the hair.
  • The clipper blades are rusty. Rusty blades are not only unsafe to use but they also cause sticking which will not help you achieve a good haircut result. Not to mention that it could cause discomfort for your client.
  • The clipper blade has broken or bent teeth. When this happens, the clipper will not be able to cut properly which will cause unsatisfactory result.

Gamma+ Clipper Blades

Gamma+ clipper blades are made from different materials as follow:

Black Diamond – Diamond is undoubtedly one of the most durable materials because of its hardness. It is highly resistant to damage which guarantees longer life for the blade. This material is rust and corrosion impermeable. It also stays sharper, cooler, and rust free for longer period of time.

Gold Titanium – This material is excellent for edge retention and high corrosion resistance. This makes the edge of the blades stay sharper.

Steel – The hardness of steel makes it an excellent material for blades. It provides longer lasting toughness and good wear resistance. It is corrosion resistant and is easy to maintain.

Ceramic – A very strong material perfect for blades. It’s hardness level is higher than stainless or carbon steel. It is also rust free.

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