Featured Collection - High Quality Barber Chairs In Australia!

Featured Collection - High Quality Barber Chairs In Australia!

An amazing barber chair can not only help you provide superior services efficiently, they can also set the tone for your space - which ultimately ends up putting more money in your pocket. If you are planning on opening a barbershop or simply want to update your old chair, with so many varieties and styles, you will have trouble finding the best chair for you.

In an odd stroke of serendipity, your friends at Barberco were busy finding the best barber chairs in Australia - the barber chair of your dream. And after going through dozens of them, we have finalized four that we think every store must consider having.

Havana barber chair

Chicago barber chair

Takara Belmont barber chair

Phoenix barber chair




Havana Barber Chair

The antique barber chairs are designed keeping in mind both barber and customer. The chair offers adjustable height, reclinable backrest, with the highest grade of durability. You will not hear this baby squeak when you go about your business.

The sturdy constructed chair also has removable headrest, x-large footrest, side towel rack and hydraulic lift. Needless to say, there will be no complaints when your customer sits in them.

The chair comes in black, tan and olive upholstery - so you can have the right pick for your shop.

Chicago Barber Chair

Bringing back the classic barber chair values, but engineered with modern design - the Chicago barber chair is a beauty to behold. It can recline upto 45 degrees, giving your customers a close shave.

A flip-up footrest, adjustable headrest, towel hangers, all coupled with rustic leather-like vinyl and metal accents give the chair a very premium feel. Most definitely an experience you will want your customers to have.

The chair comes in 3 colours: black, brown and olive.

Takara Belmont Barber Chair

A timeless design and lasting comfort, the Takara Belmont chair is made using s-shaped springs, similar to a luxury sofa. It comes equipped with armrests, clipper hook, and a tower bar so you can provide a seamless service.

The black coated frame with black upholstery and white piping is perfect for both modern and high-end establishments.

Probably the chair to go for if you want your space to have a little oomph factor.

Phoenix Barber Chair

You want to give your studio the premium touch? Well look no further than the Phoenix Barber Chair.

The unique chair has a gold finish - the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal.

The chair has a NG1-N hydraulic pump with a gold plating and black accent. It has padded arm and calf rest with a flip up footrest. The chair can recline back to 45 degrees for a close shave and has a removable headrest for hair cutting. The frame itself can withstand a whopping 450 LBS. Truly, the grand daddy to all chairs.

With power, the chair is also elegant. It has rounded cushions with puckered tufted cushions - soft enough for your clients to sink into. The chair is available in black, red or grey upholstery.

Well there you have it - a list of barber chairs that are a must have for any salon. They may seem a bit of an investment, but you can rest assured, it will be worth your while. If you have experience with some chairs that you think should have made the list, please let us know. We love your feedback. 

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