Featured Barber of the Month - September 2019

Featured Barber of the Month - September 2019

Today we’re talking to Anthony at Frank’s Barbers in Gordon NSW.

Frank’s was established in 1969 by Anthony’s father, Frank. Originally the shop was in Pymble before moving to Gordon in 1974 where they have been ever since. A father and son barbering business, Anthony took the reins in 2013.

We sat down and had a conversation with Anthony about the life of a barber.

Do you see yourself as a specialist and if so in what?

I consider myself to be an old school traditionalist, a cutting technician if you like. I started working in the shop with my father when I was 14 and was an apprentice for four years. Frank always said that the apprenticeship was only the beginning and it would take ten years before I could call myself a barber. Barbering is my life; I love it and everyone that comes through the doors we consider to be family.

What has been the biggest change in the industry since you started?

It’s great to see so many barber shops opening, but it feels like not all the barbers are as well qualified as you would expect them to be. Not as many people are doing the full four-year apprenticeships these days and you can be on the floor in as little as eighteen weeks now. In my opinion in some cases the quality seems to of slipped and the personal touch can be lacking. We like to think that at Frank’s it’s not just a haircut, it’s a tradition.

There is plenty of sporting memorabilia around the shop, what is your favourite sports team?

I love all forms of football and my favourite teams are Aston Villa, West Tigers and Richmond.

Have you ever cut the hair of anyone famous?

I’ve been lucky to cut the hair of many famous people, among them Rod Hafer (Brumbies & Wallabies), Stirling Mortlock (Brumbies & Wallabies), Slim Dusty, Graeme Bond (Wallabies), Tony Dempsey (Waratahs & Wallabies), Jack Bird (Brisbane Broncos & NSW) plus many others.

Do you have any amusing stories to tell BarberCo?

HaHa, how long do you have? That will have to be a separate feature.

What advice would you give someone starting out as a barber?

I would give the following advice: get a good training, be good at what you do, be yourself, focus on the things you enjoy, be honest with yourself & your customers and finally; treat kids like kids and people like family.

Final question, if you were to recommend a product to a customer which one would it be?

We don’t carry a lot of product, but I would always recommend Mess Head and Elegance products to my customers.

Thanks Anthony, for your time talking to BarberCo.

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