Best Professional Hair Clippers in Australia [Buyer's Guide 2023]

Best Professional Hair Clippers in Australia [Buyer's Guide 2023]


With a few weeks into the stay-at-home order in place, by now, your hair will start to look shaggy, unkempt, and a bit life-less. And with the slim chance of you being able to access your hairstylist, you will have to resort to cutting hair at home.

Drastic times require drastic hair-measures.

But, before you get down to business, you are going to need high-quality hair clippers, that can give you a quality trimming and not cut a hole in your pocket. Here is our buying guide for the best hair clippers in Australia for cutting hair at home.

Taper Blade Vs Fade Blade



1 - Andis Easystyle Clipper: 

If this is your first experience with cutting hair at home clippers, you can never go wrong with Andis basic starter machine. In fact, it is a famous clipper for first-time buyers.

The effortless style clipper is ideal for light touch up, trimming around the ears and neckline. The combination of its powerful magnetic motor and skin-friendly stainless steel t-blade runners, you can get a close cutting every time. Performs great on wet and dry hair, and with the rust-resistant build, you can expect it to serve you for long life.

The clipper offers excellent versatility with the adjustable clipper blade from 000 to 1 (0.5mm - 2.4mm). The pack also contains 7 attachment combs, giving you the chance to get creative when you are cutting hair at home.

Pros Cons

-- Great versatility

-- Cuts wet and dry hair

-- Ideal for fast touch ups

-- May have a slight hammering noise

-- If you are looking for a cordless experience, this is not for you





2 - BabylissPRO Gold FX Lithium Clipper

Looking for something more premium? Well, here is the Babyliss Gold Fx - the premium clipper.

Experience the high-torque clipping experience from a motor design by Ferrari engineers that can deliver speeds of up to 9500 rpm with 2 hours cordless runtime. Coupled with the DLC-titanium coated blade, you will be able to cut the hair of all textures with sublime speed and ease.

The Babyliss Gold FX offer features that all the best haircut clippers in Australia lack, and we are not referring to the gorgeous glossy gold finish. The clipper has a 360-degree exposed blade for all-around visibility when cutting hair at home. But what is also unique with the design is that you can adjust the blade without removing it. Babyliss has included the zero-gap assist tool that can push the blade forward for an even closer cut.

It is definitely a clipper to look forward to.

Pros Cons

-- Gives a close cut

-- High speed clipper with 2 hours cordless runtime for a premium haircut

-- A little heavy on the pocket

-- If you are starting out, then maybe this is not the product for you





3 - Andis US Pro Clipper

Thinking of getting a utilitarian clipper that can address any situation you throw at them? The  Andis US Pro is the next step from the basic you can look at.

The Andis US Pro is a high-speed clipper with adjustable blades ranging from 000 to 1. With a robust design that can cut wet or dry hair, you will be cutting hair at home with a highly versatile clipper.

The clipper has a smaller, ergonomic design, making it the go-to tool for quick touch-ups. It has a powerful motor, generating around 7200 cutting strokes per minute, yet it is surprisingly a quiet machine.

With a quality set of clippers like the Andis US Pro, you will be set for giving a professional cut, even if you are cutting hair at home with clippers.

Pros Cons

-- Highly versatile

-- Makes little to no noise 

-- It is not cordless

-- Smaller design may not please everyone





4 - Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Clipper

A clipper that is intended for professional use, but is adored by beginners and experts alike.  Wahl Magic Clip is designed to deliver the sharp performance hair studios demand, with the freedom of a cordless clipper.

With Wahl in the name, you know you cannot go wrong. The clipper features blades with high precision and zero-overlap that offers a convenient taper leveller for blending and fading. With a lithium-ion battery, the clipper can run you 90+ minutes of easy-hair cutting run time. And in case you forget to charge it, you can use it while plugged in as well.

It handles well and is even more comfortable to maintain and clean. With a plethora of features to offer, the Wahl Magic Clip can serve commercial stylists and home creators alike.

Pros Cons

-- Cord/cordless use

-- Adjustable blades

-- Absence of a battery indicator






5 - Wahl Sterling 4 Clipper

Another one from Wahl Professional’s grade line of products.  Wahl Sterling 4 is the all-in-one clipper, working great for everything from textured cuts to high fades.

The heavy-duty corded clipper is purposed for heavy use and is often seen at barbershops and salons. The sterling 4 features a rustproof design with chrome-plated blades. It even has a thumb lever on the side to quickly make adjustments for the blade when working on the fade.

All in all, the Sterling 4 is a robust clipper, offering close, precise cutting, and with a premium feel in hand, but with a not so premium price tag. If you are looking for a trimmer to use that looks and feels as good as the job it does, then Sterling 4 is the option for you, even if you are cutting hair at home.

Pros Cons

-- Versatile cut

-- Easy to fit in hand and use

-- Is not cordless







6 - Andis US Pro Li Cordless Clipper

A smaller, handier tool for smaller jobs, but what the  Andis US Pro Li lacks in size, it delivers in precision.

The US Pro Li is excellent for all-around cutting. You can easily get 2 hours of clipper use from about 90 minutes of charging. Like its cousins, it also offers the adjustable blade, going from 000 to 1, and brings the same level of versatility on the table. But compared to them, it has a smaller form factor and weighs less than ten ounces.

When it comes to cutting hair at home, you can make the US Pro Li a part of your utility belt, and you will never find yourself in a hairy situation.

Pros Cons

-- Light weight

-- Cordless 

-- Maybe a little noisy

-- Small size may not be for everyone


At times like these, we believe it is of the utmost importance that you maintain the right mindset. And we, your friends at Barberco, think that looking good has a great impact on feeling good.

We have provided you with our selection of - what we believe - are the best haircut clippers in Australia. Create your grooming kit and start working that magic. The experience may be a little daunting for several of those who are cutting hair at home for the first time. But with little practice, you will develop a new skill, and we think that is very badass. 

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