Best Home Haircutting Kits 2021

Best Home Haircutting Kits 2021

In Australia, we are starting to have the restrictions lifted, however it will be a long time before things get back to normal. Many of us will be afraid to visit the barber any time soon and for peace of mind we are providing you with the best home hair cutting kits in Australia. It is time you bring hair cutting home.

But that is where people get stuck. With so many brands available, you might just end up spending hours deciding what to get.

Well, worry no more! We, your friends at BarberCo, decided to help you find the best home haircutting kits. We will compare their performance and value, so you can pick the tool that is right for you.

Say goodbye to the scruffy-present you!

1 - WAHL Easy Cut Home Haircutting Kit:

You talk about the perfect home haircutting kit, then you gotta start with WAHL. Their line of trimmers is loved by professionals and beginners alike.



2 - Cordless Supreme Home Hair-cutting Kit

Our Supreme Barber Kit features the Silver Bullet Ceramic Pro clipper. A versatile clipper that an average Joe will grow fond of and make their go-to. It features

  • dual voltage modes - cord & cordless,
  • gives an excruciatingly long usage time of 240 minutes, and
  • has adjustable blade speed to power through thick and coarse hair.
  • It also has 4 attachment combs to give versatility when cutting hair.

The kit also has 4 bonus add-ons:

  • Salon Smart Cape - prevents hair from sticking to you.
  • Iceman Salon Pro 6” Scissors - compliments and works in conjunction with the clipper.
  • Professional Styling Comb - to give a finishing look when done.
  • Vines Vintage Matt Pomade - lets you style your hair after you are done with the cut.


3 - Babyliss Home Haircutting Kit

The deluxe Babyliss home haircutting kit will give you a hair studio feel, right from the comfort of your home. The BablissPro Gold FX high-torque, brushless, Ferrari designed motor clipper puts the power in your hand that none other can match. It features:

  • Dual voltage modes, letting you enjoy the cordless freedom
  • Titanium-coated skeleton blade with high precision
  • 6 attachable combs for versatility.

The kit comes with 4 bonus products:

  • Krest All-purpose Cutting Comb - to work in conjunction with the clipper.
  • BabylissPro Barberology Neck Brush - to clean up any unwanted hair from your cut.
  • Salon Smart Cape - prevents hair from sticking to you.
  • Iceman Blade 5.5” Scissor - for the final clean-up after the cut.


4 - Silver Bullet Home Haircutting Kit

The high-precision Excelsior Hair Clipper from the Silver Bullet Kit is designed to take your home haircutting kit to the next level. The super heavy motor gives super high performance and is loved by beginners and professionals alike. The clipper features:

  • Self-sharpening precision blades
  • Powerful magnetic motor giving a whopping 7200 blade strokes per minute.
  • 6 comb attachments for added versatility.

With the BarberCo kit, you will also get:

  • Big Daddy Cool Cape - a large cape to cover you from neck to toe.
  • Iceman Blade 6” Scissor - for the final clean-up after the cut.
  • Dateline Large Styling Comb - to help you style hair as you progress through your cut.
  • Matrix Sectioning Clips (12 pieces) - creates partition in your hair and makes them easier to manage as you cut through them.

Well, there you have it, the best home hair-cutting kits you can find on BarberCo.

With the right tools in your utility belt, the last thing you need to get started is confidence. It looks daunting, especially for first-timers to cut your own hair. Well, we want you to know that you already have the right tool, have the right mindset, and make your way through the shaggy style to a neat and tidy you.

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