Best Hair & Beard Trimmers For Men in Australia - 2023 [Buyer's Guide]

Best Hair & Beard Trimmers For Men in Australia - 2023 [Buyer's Guide]

Self-grooming may prove a challenge for some, while others might find it as easy as riding a bike. However, in either case, your job will get tremendously easier if you have the right tool.

If you want to just do a quick touch up, and clean up all the stray hair, then here are the best hair and beard trimmers for men in Australia.

For those who want to give themselves the barbershop haircut experience, we recommend you look into our picks for the best barber trimmers.

1. BaBylissPRO Rose Gold FX Outliner Skeleton Trimmer

Ferrari, powering the gold standard in outliner skeleton trimmers. With a motor designed by Ferrari engineers, BaBylissPRO Rose GoldFX Skeleton Lithium Hair Trimmer is a trimmer like no other. With speed up to 7200 rpm, the unique, zero gap T blade is 360° exposed for incredible precision. Perfect for crispy edge ups, hard lines and all other detail work. This cord/cordless trimmer features a lithium ion battery with 2 hours cordless runtime. Gorgeous all-metal housing with glossy rose gold finish for a touch of luxury. A one of a kind trimmer!

Pros Cons

--High-torque, brushless, Ferrari-designed engine

-- Cord/cordless trimmer with lithium ion battery

-- Lithium ion battery with 2 hour runtime

-- A little heavy on the pocket

-- If you are starting out, then maybe this is not the product for you.

2. Babylisspro Gold FX Outliner Trimmer

If you want something powerful and premium, well look no further than the Babylisspro Gold FX Outliner Trimmer.

Experience the high-torque trimming from a motor design by Ferrari engineers that can deliver speeds of up to 9500 rpm with 2 hours cordless runtime. Coupled with the DLC-titanium coated blade, you will be able to clean-up and detail hair of all textures with sublime speed and ease.

The Babyliss Gold FX Outliner, like its clipper counterpart, offers features that all the best beard trimmers in Australia lack, and we are not referring to the gorgeous glossy gold finish. The trimmer has a 360-degree exposed blade for all-around visibility when cutting hair at home. But what is also unique with the design is that you can adjust the blade without removing it. Babyliss has included the zero-gap assist tool that can push the blade forward for an even closer cut.

It is definitely a trimmer to look out for, and some might even put it in the best trimmer for the beards category.

Pros Cons

-- Gives a close cut

-- High speed trimmer with 2 hours cordless runtime for a premium haircut

-- A little heavy on the pocket

-- If you are starting out, then maybe this is not the product for you


3. Wahl Detailer Li Cordless

Introducing the new Cordless Detailer Li with T-Wide Blade!

The blades offer adjustment to zero-overlap for super close trimming, outlines and accurate detail work. The incorporated revolutionary Lithium Ion Battery technology is lightweight and powerful!

Pros Cons

--T-Wide Blade: The 38mm T-Blade cuts close at 0.4mm and can be adjusted to zero-overlap for an even closer trim!

-- Battery: The most powerful trimmer in our range, the Detailer Li has a Lithium Ion Battery to bring you 100 minutes cordless run time off just a 45 minute charge

-- Motor: One extremely powerful rotary motor produces a faster cutting result than standard trimmers

-- Perfect for super close trimming, outlining, artwork and accurate detail work

-- A little noisy


4. StyleCraft By Silver Bullet Saber Trimmer

StyleCraft by Silver Bullet Saber Hair Trimmer is a professional trimmer equipped with a high torque, long-life and low vibration.

The fully adjustable blade can be zero gapped for the closest cut and finish. It has a heavy duty all-metal body and the skeleton design exposes blade for 360° visibility. It’s Lithium-ion battery delivers four hours of cordless runtime with 90-minute recharge.

For those who live life on the go, this is definitely the best trimmer for beards and hair.

Pros Cons

-- Digital brushless motor runs at 7,500 rpms

-- Heavy duty full metal body

-- Gold titanium X-PRO wide fixed blade

-- Lithium ion battery delivers 4 hours of cordless run-time

-- Fully adjustable zero gap blade

-- A little noisy.



5. Wahl Beret Trimmer

Wahl also introduced the sleek and sexier design trimmer with their Beret option.

The trimmer has high precision snap-on blades that are ideal for trimming and outlining. Even though it has a powerful motor, the trimmer is ultra-quiet, making it a must-have for when you are cutting hair at home. With the option of going cordless, the trimmer gives you the freedom to trim hair anywhere you want with a 2+ hour run time on a full charge.

Here is the trimmer that is a must-have for luxury and efficiency.

Pros Cons

-- Beautiful design

-- Quiet motor

-- Style may not appeal to everyone’s handgrip



6. Wahl Beret Trimmer Pro Lithium Brushed Aluminium

This compact & stylish trimmer features a highly efficient & durable Lithium-Ion battery!

Its ergonomic design is super slim and light in weight, making it easy to use. It’s also super quiet, so a great trimmer to use on kids. Chrome-plated blades are ideal for close trimming & outlining.

With the Quick Trim, you can easily tidy yourself up in one go when cutting hair at home.

Pros Cons

-- Chrome Blade: High-precision, quick-detach chrome plated blade set gives you a cutting length of 0.4mm!

-- Battery: Highly efficient and durable Lithium Ion Battery gives you 75 minutes of cordless run time off a full charge

-- Motor: Powerful Rotary Motor for precision cutting. It is also super quiet so is great to use on kids.

-- Ideal for close trimming and outlining

-- Style may not appeal to everyone’s handgrip.


Well, there you have it, our list of best hair cutting trimmers in Australia. With our buying guide, you will manage to acquire a trimmer that helps you clean up your messy hair. We hope that way, you will be able to regain control over one aspect of your life through these difficult times.

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