Best Father's Day Gift Ideas in Australia - 2021 Gift Guide by BarberCo

Best Father's Day Gift Ideas in Australia - 2021 Gift Guide by BarberCo

Dads are hard to shop for, there is no second opinion about it. They don’t have a well curated wish list, and if they have one, who’s got the money for that? But it shouldn’t be this hard. And we are here to guide you to the best father’s day gift. We have curated a list of amazing packages for a dad who loves to look sharp.

1. Wahl Senior Trio

The  Wahl Senior Trio contains the crowd favorites: Wahl Senior, Wahl Detailer Li and Wahl Finale Shaver. This bundle is great for an old school dad who loves a blunt and straight clean cut. If your dad isn’t the one to fall for blending, this is the perfect bundle for him, The Wahl Senior has the most powerful Wahl motor that gives 6700 rpm and is perfect for all hair. The Wahl senior can work seamlessly to create fading and bulk removal too. Combined with Wahl Detailer Li and Wahl Finale Shaver, this bundle is all set to make any man, a happy man.


2. Wahl Essential Barber Kit with Cooler & Case

Wahl Essential Barber Kit is the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad. What sets this kit apart is the beautiful vintage cooler case to keep your dad's beer cold for days. In this kit you get Wahl Black & Gold Magic Clip, Wahl Finale Shaver, Wahl Classic Detailer, Wahl Beret Brushed Aluminum, Wahl Polyester Cape, Wahl 12 Pack Color Styling Combs, Wahl Folding Hair Razor, Wahl Sectioning Hair Grips, and a Bonus Wahl White Professional Case. This kit has everything your dad would need to get his hair game up to game while the barbers are shut down.


3. Barberco Platinum Barbering Kit - BabylissPRO

Find the best from Babyliss in the Barberco Platinum Barbering Kit from BabylissPRO. This limited edition kit contains the well renowned  BabylissPRO Clipper, trimmer and shaver. What's best is that you can choose from 6 color combinations to choose from to have your own customized trio. The kit comes with a high quality case that can be used to carry your entire gear.


4. Barberco Platinum Barbering Kit - Caliber

Barberco’s Platinum Barbering Kit by Caliber houses a Caliber 50 Cal Mag Clipper, .22 Stinger Trimmer & RPG Shaver. Products from Caliber have a premium feel to them. The .50 Mag clipper has a powerful magnetic motor and has an ergonomic grip that makes long term use comfortable. The blades are high quality and work just as great on all hair types. .22 Stinger Trimmer by Caliber has a compact build. The blades on the trimmer are exposed, allowing the user to easily maneuver for sharp cuts and precision. The RPG Shaver is a close cutting lightweight shaver. It includes the BeauWis Blade Brush. The shaver has a 2 hour run time and has a quiet operation.

5. BaBylissPRO FX Mix N Match Trio Combo

The Mix N Match Trio Combo from BaByliss includes the  FX ClipperFX Outliner Trimmer and the Double Foiler Shaver. But the best thing about this trio package is the fact that you can choose from up to 108 variants and you have a wide array of colors to choose from. The FX series from BaByliss has one of the most efficient motors in the market. The motors are designed and engineered by the best engineers at Ferrari to give the speed and power than your hair deserves.

6. Wahl Magic Clip

Wahl Magic Clip is a heavy duty, cordless commercial grade clipper. The clipper can also be used while plugged in. Being commercial grade, Wahl Magic Clip is great for all hair types. It is a perfect tool if you wish to create blended or faded hair cuts. The battery on Wahl Magic Clipper is great too, just one charge provides 90+ minutes of run time. This powerful gadget is great for both: at home and professional use. Sold out until mid September.

7. Wahl Super Taper Cordless & Wahl Detailer Haircutting Kit

Wahl’s Super Taper Cordless and Wahl Detailer Haircutting kit combine the best from Wahl: the Wahl Magic Clip and Wahl Detailer. This cut also comes with a Fox Tool Case, a Salon Smart Cape, BaBylissPro Neck Brush, Iceman Scissors 6.0” Offset Scissor, Black Krest Cleopatra All Purpose Cutting Comb, and a Neck Strip. The kit is economical and provides all the essential gear that you might require to kickstart your barbering career. Wahl Magic Clip are highly durable and have a stagger tooth blade that works best for fading and tapering. The Wahl Detailer is a fast and powerful trimmer that is best for professional use. 

Wahl Super Taper Cordless & Wahl Detailer Haircutting Kit


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