All About Hair Cutting Scissors and its Types - BarberCo

All About Hair Cutting Scissors and its Types - BarberCo

When it comes to barbering, one of the most important tools is a scissor. Contrary to what others may have thought of, when it comes to scissors, “one for all haircutting needs” doesn’t work. You can’t just have one type of scissor to do all of your haircutting needs. A lot of haircutting mistakes is due to the use of the wrong type of scissors.

Must Know About Cutting Scissors

Here are some crucial information you should know about scissors to help you decide which one to buy. It pays off to know these information so you can have the guarantee that you are able to get the scissors for your specific haircutting needs.

Scissors Versus Shears

Although some people use them interchangeably, there are differences between scissors and shears when it comes to size and usage. Compared to scissors, shears have longer blades. Scissors usually have blades that are 6 inches or shorter while shears have blades that are up to 7 inches in length. Shears are used for heavy cutting while scissors are used for easy and more precise trims.

Hair Cutting Scissors Parts

Here are the basic parts of scissors:


The handle is very important when choosing scissors. It will determine how comfortable it will be to use. If the scissors’ handle is not high quality, haircutting will be a struggle. You will not be able to achieve the haircutting result that you want if your scissor is giving you a hard time.

You will notice that scissors come in different types of handles. These handles have different purposes. The straight handles are designed for barbers who choose to hold their scissors with their middle finger. This is the usual way to hold scissors before but because of some health and safety concerns, there are barbers who don’t do this anymore. There are also scissors with offset handle which allows barbers to position their fingers more naturally. Other types of handles include the crane handle and the swivel handle that allows rotating position of the thumb.


This is the part of the scissors that actually do the work. Scissors without a good blade is as good as nothing. The blade is a major consideration in choosing the scissors to buy.

Just as with the handle, there are also different types of scissor blades and they are used for different purposes. The clamshell and convex edge blades are the most common choices for regular haircut. But if you are going to use some haircutting techniques, you should go for the bevel edge blades. There are also different blades perfect for different types of hair.

How to Choose the Right Hair Cutting Scissors

Here are some considerations when choosing the right haircutting scissors:

Length. When choosing the length of the scissors, consider the strength of your hands. You should choose a length that will be easy and comfortable for you to handle. The length of haircutting scissors usually ranges from 4.5 inches to 8 inches. One thing to remember when choosing the length is that longer scissors will be heavier to hold and requires more control compared to shorter scissors.

Type. There are different types of scissors. The cutting scissors are used for straight cuts as they have sharp edges. The texturising scissors are used for thinning out hair. With its design, you will not be able to cut off too much hair. The wide tooth thinning scissors are used if the hair that you are going to work on is very thick. Choose the type of scissors depending on your purpose.

Quality. When it comes to buying scissors, you pay for quality. High quality scissors are specially designed for professional use. Make sure you buy scissors that are made of premium quality steel. This will not only ensure durability but also excellent performance.

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