Wahl Taper 2000, Black Case and Black Razor

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    Wahl’s Taper 2000 is the professional quality clipper you’ve been looking for. It’s made for hair and grooming professionals for anything they may face on the job. It’s a lightweight clipper that’s ergonomically designed, so you can use it easily and accurately through the day without fatiguing your hands. . It’s powered by a pace electromagnetic motor that’s powerful enough for any length or texture of hair. The Taper 2000 comes with four attachment combs, oil, a cleaning brush, a styling comb, and a red blade guard. There’s an eight foot electrical cord attached, giving you plenty of room to do your job. Packaged together with a black case and the Black razor. Since it’s from Wahl, you know it’s backed by one hundred years of quality and integrity, as well as a warranty. Get yourself to professional levels with professional tools. Get the Wahl Taper 2000.



    Product Contents:

    • Taper 2000 Clipper
    • Black Cutthroat Razor
    • Black Carrying Case