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Wahl Speed Cutting Comb-White

Wahl Speed Cutting Comb-White

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Don’t skimp when it comes to your utility combs. The Wahl Speed Cutting comb is a high quality comb for a variety of uses. The small barbs between the teeth of the comb mean that equal tension is distributed throughout the hair. Your customers will thank you for that. It’s perfect for flat tops, tapering, using with clippers, or any variety of hair styles for a variety of hair textures and thicknesses. The Wahl Speed Cutting comb is lightweight and very easy on the hand, being ergonomically designed so you can use it accurately over long stretches of time. Its textured thumb grip makes it easy to rotate. It’s available in black and white. And since it’s from Wahl, you know that it’s backed by one hundred years of quality and tradition. Get yourself a high quality comb to use as your workhorse. Get yourself a Wahl.

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