Pet Care

Find professional Wahl dog clippers at Barberco. You need a solid set of cordless pet clippers in your arsenal whether you're a professional animal groomer or just a home groomer looking to improve your DIY grooming skills. ...

Pet grooming clippers are designed to be quieter than human clippers so that pets who are sensitive to loud noises are not startled or scared. The skin of a dog is more delicate than ours, yet their coats are frequently thicker; clippers for dogs are made to reflect this.

Wahl's Super Groom Clipper is our top recommendation because it has a powerful DC motor that provides minimum vibration and silent operation for noise-sensitive animals. The cordless clipper has an LED light battery charge indicator and can hold up to 100 minutes battery life on a full charge. It can also be used corded to keep up with the hectic needs of a grooming business. This Wahl clipper comes with a guide comb set that is typical in size and allows you to groom longer coats using different comb attachments.

These cordless dog clippers are great for trimming all dog breeds' feet and faces, as well as cat grooming, livestock and horses' bridle paths, ears, muzzles, and fetlocks. Despite its power, this Wahl pet clipper is one of the lightest on the market.