Wahl Attachment Caddie - Black

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    You’re a hair professional and you’ve been avidly using the Wahl name for years. You take pride in your tools and try your best to keep a tidy space, but sometimes it gets ahead of you. Maybe you have a whole fleet of Wahl clippers on your counter, ready for use. We’re guessing that your combs are a bit askew. Perhaps they’re in a pile, perhaps you have them all bagged up somewhere. Maybe you’ve lost a couple of them. This Wahl attachment caddie could be what you need. It’s a collection of eight Wahl combs (numbers 1 to 8) in an organized box. It keeps them organized and visible. And they’re color coded so that you can see at a glance which comb you’re reaching for. Never again will you be squinting at fine print to see if you picked up a five or a six. They fit most of the Wahl clipper range.