Proraso Rubber Pump For 400ml Bottle

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It’s easy to skimp on the basic utilities in your bathroom or salon. It’s easy to think the quality of something like a rubber pump wouldn’t matter. The fact is, rubber pumps fracture and break easily, especially when you go for a cheaper option. Don’t go for that cheaper option. Get a Proraso rubber pump and know that you’ll get something that lasts. The Proraso name has been around in Italy for generations, so you know you’re buying something high quality. Just attach it to a 400ml bottle and you’re set. You’ll know that your pump will work at the moments you most need it to. Get a few of them and pretend you’re running a busy barber shop in Seville (especially for when people keep borrowing them). It doesn’t hurt that they look good too. Don’t skimp on your basic utilities. Get high quality products like those from Proraso.

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