Shaving Blades


Choosing the right shaving blades is the key to having a perfect shave. BarberCO has all you need to achieve the perfect look. We have the best barber blades from leading brands to get that signature hair or beard style you want to rock. Our collection consists of professional, super blades for heavy and coarse beards.

These shaving blades are high-performance, almost rivalling the traditional straight razor. BarberCO blades are also thick and wide enough for maximum edge exposure. This is your time to get a moustache blade for clean shaves and that 5 o’clock shadow fade.

Double-Edge Shaving Blades

The secret to perfect shaves is using double-edge shaving blades because you can use both sides simultaneously. Sharp and precise, high-quality edge blades are ideal for precise, clean shaves. BarberCO double-edge shaving blades are compatible with all shaving creams to glide on the skin smoothly without irritation.

Besides, our selection of platinum-coated stainless steel double-edge shaving blades guarantees long-lasting results and longevity. If you need a double-edge shaving razor for travelling, we have some excellent options at affordable prices. We are your number one spot for all shaving accessories and supplies, and if you are unsatisfied with any of our barber blades, contact us, and we will address your concerns immediately.