Wahl Trimmer Blades

Wahl makes a ton of great options for trimmers and other hair and facial care products.... What happens when those products need to be fixed or replaced? It is nice to have those spare parts in your kit somewhere. If a blade stops working or dulls you want to have a part to replace readily available. That is why Wahl manufactures and sells spare blades for all of their popular clipper selections.

Wahl blades have a proprietary hexavalent chrome finish that provides improved rust and corrosion resistance and extends blade life.

The application of Wahl clipper oil on a regular basis will increase the life of the blade by minimising friction and preventing rust and corrosion.

Trim, shave, and edge with the one and only Wahl trimmer blade set you'll ever need! Our blades are unrivalled in quality and fit a variety of Wahl trimmers.

Browse our selection of Wahl attachments and accessories for goods like replacement blades, clipper oil, and attachment combs.

Barberco has you covered whether you need a replacement blade, a stainless steel trimmer blade, a trimmer blade set, or some spare blades. Browse our online store for the Wahl trimmer blades you require; read the product description to discover which blades and attachments are appropriate for your Wahl product and grooming needs.

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