Wahl shavers are perfect for finishing your hairstyle with a fade from 0-bald. Our Wahl shavers are professional, user-friendly, compact, and have a long battery life. A decent Wahl shaver is an essential for individuals who like short hair, neck lines, beard trimmers, or simply cleaning up stray hairs....

Wahl shavers are among the best when it comes to personal grooming. They're great for fades and head shaves, and they're also excellent for beards. With Wahl's next level of shaving, you'll get a cleaner, smoother outcome.

Because your Wahl shaver will stay with you, make sure you get a dock for it. Make the most of the lengthy battery life and Barberco's quick delivery. We have a selection of the nearest electric shavers available. These are the shavers to pick if you want an electric shave with a smooth finish.

Barberco’s top pick: Wahl Finale Shaver

Your ultimate finishing tool designed for blending bald fades, cleaning up hair and neck lines, eliminating stray hairs and bump-free shaving. Extreme delicacy is needed when using the Finale! It is not recommended for face shaving, but highly popular and effective and most purchased for those who shave their head!

Key Features
- Hypoallergenic Gold Foils are softer on the skin and cause fewer allergic reactions than standard foils
- Battery: Powered by a Lithium Ion Battery that can keep the motor running for up to 90 minutes per charge. Works corded or cordless
- Motor: Don't be fooled by it's compact size! The Finale has an extremely powerful Rotary Motor with 7,000rpm to ensure durability & longevity
- Cutting close to the skin at 0.05 mm, the Finale is designed for finishing and blending bald fades, cleaning up hair/necklines & eliminating stray hairs