Wahl Attachments

It’s easy to skimp on accessories and attachments, but you don’t want to do that. The Wahl Premium Attachment set is just what you need for your Wahl clipper to extend its power.... These cutting guides cover the range of sizes you need, making sure you’re covered for any situation on your job. Included are eight different guides ranging from ⅛ inch, ¼ inch, ⅜ inch, ½ inch, ⅝ inch, ¾ inch ⅞ inch and one inch. Between these you should be covered. They are compatible with most of the full sized Wahl line. Check your device’s manual to confirm if they’ll fit. Since they’re from Wahl, you know they’re backed by one hundred years of quality and integrity, as well as a warranty. Don’t go for generic, no brand accessories. Get yourself to professional levels with professional tools. Get the Wahl Premium attachments.

Guide comb attachments are included with all Wahl hair clippers.

Perhaps you've found the ideal men's hair clipper and are now looking for additional accessories to increase your hair clipping and cutting options, or perhaps you've misplaced your favourite length clipper guard and need a replacement.

These simple accessories, also known as guide combs, clipper guards, attachment guards, or attachment combs, are instruments that let you estimate the length of hair you're cutting away.

Whatever your needs, we have a selection of Wahl clipper guards, attachments, and accessories. If you're looking for snap-on guides, you've come to the right place. Need clipper oil and lube to increase the life of your blades? Blade sets and sizes that can be used for multiple purposes? We've got it.

To get the complete package, pair the clippers with a hair comb and scissors.