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For Barberco's top pick of the Wahl trimmers, we introduce the new Cordless Detailer Li with T-Wide Blade. The blades offer adjustment to zero-overlap for super close trimming, outlines and accurate detail work. The incorporated revolutionary Lithium-Ion Battery technology is lightweight and powerful! Included - 3 Attachments, Charging Stand, Charging Cable, Blade Guard, Blade Oil & Cleaning Brush. A fantastic facial hair and beard trimmer perfect for removing unwanted hair with accuracy and ease.

If you're set of barbering tools don't include a professional hair trimmer, you're missing out. Wahl is a leading brand in hair products and their trimmers are one-of-a-kind in attention to detail. Barberco provides a great range of the best Wahl trimmers on the market. Whether you're looking for a brow trimmer, cordless trimmer, facial hair trimmer or stubble trimmer, Barberco has you covered with grooming kits and barber tools to take your trimming to the next level.