Denman 9 Row Classic Brush D5

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    Don’t skimp when it comes to your hair brushes. You want to level up to the professional grade. The Denmen 9 row D5 Classic brush is a classic hair and grooming workhorse. It has a classic design with rows of sculpted and rounded nylon hair pins for combing through any hair texture, wet or dry. You can use it to create tension when shaping the hair during blow styling. Use it for reducing frizz, gently detangling, adding shine or adding volume. Plus it won’t be aggressive with your scalp (something your clients will thank you for). Denmen brushes are sturdily constructed, being made of high quality material that’s light and easy to work with for long stretches of time. You trust the Denmen name as they’ve been around since 1938, making high quality hair brushes that last you a long time, no matter what they’re put through.