Dateline Professional Mannequin Long Half Protein/Half Human Brown - Amanda

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Practice makes perfect, and sometimes seeing is believing for the client sitting in your chair. Make sure you are on your game by putting in work on this practice mannequin head, OR give you client a glimpse of what they can expect by showing them on this practice head. This is a great tool to have at your station or in your shop.

Dateline Mannequin Designed by hairdressers, for trainee hairdressers. With the correct hair density, in the required direction. Amanda hairdressing mannequin is a cost effective mannequin, ideal for up-styles, cutting, setting and blow waving. Not recommended for chemical services. Made from 50% human hair and 50% protein fibre.


  • Long increased layer
  • 1/2 Protein & 1/2 Human hair
  • 20" Solid form

NOT recommended for chemical services

The use of thermal styling tools over 120°C is not recommended


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