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Wahl Senior Cordless

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The long awaited arrival day of the Wahl Senior Cordless clipper into Australia is upon us.  Finally we get to play with a new toy, a prospect which greatly excites us barbers.  Like kids at christmas waiting for santa, we can't wait to unwrap it and play with it.

So what can I tell you about the Wahl Senior? Heaps.  I think the most exciting thing for me are the blades. They seem like a combination of the blades on the classics- The Balding and the Legend.  They boast a flat surface for close cutting much like the Balding and longer teeth to feed more hair through much like the Legend and mix that with the convenience of cord/cordless like the Magic Clip and ladies and gentleman here we have a winner.

The senior is going to be perfect for over comb cutting, slicing through the hair with more precision.  If you combine that with the promised 26% more cutting speed and the longer cutting teeth(which acts like a fast feed blade), the result is a dynamic performer..an all-in-one tool fulfilling your every day barber needs easily.  Why I daresay this clipper will edge quite nicely too.

Keep your eye on our Youtube channel.. we'll be throwing up some review vids in the coming weeks.

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