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Wahl Senior Cordless Unboxed

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Finally!!  The Wahl Cordless Senior has arrived and we have gotten our grubby little mitts on it..and we love it!  This initial unboxing video was shot prior to actually doing a haircut with them-it was merely a first look and we were very impressed.

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Wahl Senior Cordless

The long awaited arrival day of the Wahl Senior Cordless clipper into Australia is upon us.  Finally we get to play with a new toy, a prospect which greatly excites us barbers.  Like kids at christmas waiting for santa, we can't wait to unwrap it and play with it.So what can I tell you about [...]

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Wahl clippers, corded or cordless?

There are a bunch of really good clippers out there these days especially from Wahl.  Today we looked at 5 of the most popular in Australia at the moment.  We didn't include the Wahl Magic Clip in this video but will include it in an upcoming video with the eagerly anticipated arrival of the Wahl [...]

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Wahl Magic Clip and Wahl Beret Pro Lithium

Probably the 2 best clippers in Australia at present. First- the Magic Clip. Boasting a Pro Lithium battery for longer performance and crunch blades for a faster feed of hair for more efficient cutting.  Light to hold this clipper packs a punch strong enough for an all day performance at your barber shop.Next up, the Wahl Beret trimmer. [...]

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Barber basics- From ettiquette to the cut

With the barber industry experiencing a global renaissance in recent times, there are more and  more people taking up the craft eager to become involved in a creative and challenging industry.  Some are getting involved keen to be a part of the hype while others feel a true connection to the scissor and comb.  But [...]

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How clippers are made

Hair clippers. They are an integral part of a barber's life.. There are 3 main brands available on the professional market-Wahl, Oster and Andis.  Regardless of which brand you prefer, you surely cannot get through the day in a barber shop without them.  Enjoy the following video which provides us with a fascinating insight into [...]

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How to change a switch on a Wahl clipper

From time to time our clippers play up on us and it happens when you least want it to..like on a busy afternoon at the barber shop when you're flat out.  It's no fun when your clipper stops working when it should.  The following video shows how to change a switch on a Wahl clipper. [...]

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Omega Shaving Cream

Try Omega Shaving cream and see for yourself why it is the preferred shaving cream for a lot of barbers.  Apply a little shaving cream to your shaving brush and in circular motions swirl the shaving cream onto the face creating a creamy lather and softening the bristles enabling you to shave the face without [...]

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Marvy Barber Poles

The Marvy brand is synonymous with quality in the barbering industry.  The first Marvy Barber Pole was built in 1950 and since then the Marvy company have manufactured over 82,000 barber poles.  All Marvy poles are mounted on an  aluminium frame to ensure longevity in harsh conditions.Check out our barber poles and grab yours today

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Why are you a barber? I wouldn't want to be anything else

I always wanted to be a barber. I don't really know why. I remember growing up as a youngster, I couldn't wait for mum to take me for a haircut..I loved the feel of a barber shop-even then. I had friends as a teenager who were apprentices at local salons or barber shops and I [...]

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