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Barber basics- From ettiquette to the cut

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With the barber industry experiencing a global renaissance in recent times, there are more and  more people taking up the craft eager to become involved in a creative and challenging industry.  Some are getting involved keen to be a part of the hype while others feel a true connection to the scissor and comb.  But alas there is so much more to being a barber than grabbing a magic clip and doing a "sick fade".  A true barber will treat their customer like a king from the beginning to the end, endeavouring to create the desired result his or her customer is after. I think this is where a lot of barbers are falling short.  It's all very well appealing to the prepubescent folk, but if you can't pull in customers over the age of 25 in due largely to the fact they won't be treated well, you'll be on a fast track to a different career in no time. 

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